7 Professional CV Writers in Cape Town

A successful career starts with a great CV, to help you get started here are 7 professional cv writers in Cape Town, South Africa to help you with writing a job winning CV. The first component to consider when constructing your CV is clarity. The whole point of a CV is to quickly deliver information about what makes you the best candidate for the position, so precision is key. An occupied hiring manager doesn’t have time to go over a cluttered format on the lookout for the qualifications she or he is requiring.

A correct CV format will deliver your profile in a strong shape that makes your credentials pop from the page.

Your CV must have legible formatting, clean headings, and practical use of the area that breaks up the textual content and makes your CV format clean to the eyes.

Remember: Your CV should be eye-catching, unique, professional, and sells you well.

You wouldn’t attend your interview in shorts and flip-flops, so why must you compromise for a lame and dated CV? You need a CV that represents you in every way, including your qualifications, therefore a cautiously designed CV format will do simply that.


Here are Top 7 Professional CV Writers in Cape Town:

  1. Elite CV

Elite CV is one of Cape Town’s leading professional CV writing service and operating globally. In simple they write great content and have the best visually appealing CV out of the rest. What makes Elite-CV the best is the quality of service offered to their clients, starting with a one-on-on consultation you receive. They create your professional CV based on the country, job position, and industry you are targeting.


Elite CV keeps abreast with current and future developments in global talent acquisition strategy advancements and employer changing requirements.


Elite CV professional CV writers specialise in helping individuals create a professional career brand that would present them in a manner that a well-accomplished Executive should be. Everything from an ATS optimised Executive CV to your personal website, Elite CV has you covered!


  • One-On-One Consultation
  • Expert CV Writing
  • Cover Letter
  • Professional CV Design (see sample)
  • LinkedIn Optimisation
  • Digital CVs (see sample)
  • Career Opportunities
  • Personal Websites
  • Interview Preparation Course

 CV Writing Process:

  • Choose – Select a CV package and design that suits your career needs.
  • Order – Upload your current CV and complete your order online.
  • Brief – Fill-in the initial brief sheet so you can be allocated to a relevant writer.
  • Consult – Consult with your account manager to capture your exact requirements.
  • Writing – Your dedicated writer starts with the first draft of your CV
  • Draft and Edits – You are given a chance to edit your CV and request changes.
  • Approve

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  1. CVforLife

This company also services the Cape Town market with CV and resume writing services. They provide career coaching and provide you with professional headshots for a complete career branding profile.

CVforLife is a leading provider of bespoke career marketing documents to skilled professionals and executives who understand the value of a strategically written CV and cover letter.


  1. Siltra CV Writing Services


Other professional cv writers in Cape Town includes Siltra, They say “we don’t delegate the work, and we don’t use a one-size-fits-all template. ‘’I am definitely not a copy typist.’’ We ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied as we know that they are more likely to recommend our services if they are happy.

  1. West Coast Personnel

At an affordable price West Coast Personnel provides you with a modern yet classic CV that highlights your skills and abilities. Based in the Western Cape, they are one of the Professional CV Writers in Cape Town.


  • CV Writing
  • Cover Letter
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Planning

Gerard Le Roux offers CV writing and public speaking coaching amongst other related services. Professional CV writers in Cape Town have great talent and Gerard is of those talents.

His services include:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Copywriting
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Resume Review
  • Training

Found on LinkedIn, Antoinette Tigar is an Expert Business Writer offering Professional CV writting in Cape Town, South Africa. Services include;

  1. Liesel Cloete

Liesel Cloete is one to complete our list of professional cv writers in Cape Town, We could only find Liesel’s services on LinkedIn and here are the services provided.


  • CV Writing
  • Career Advice
  • Interview Tips
  • Resume Writing
  • Human Resources

Top 10 CV Tips:

  1. Choose the right CV format – It is important that your CV format showcases your strengths, skills, and work experience.
  2. Double-check your contact information – You can have the best CV in the world and still be dented by out-of-date contact information. Make sure your email and phone number are current.
  3. Limit your work experience to the past 10 years – Limit yourself to the last 10 years to ensure you are discussing relatively recent and relevant work experience and achievements.
  4. Use keywords from the job description – Mirroring the language used in the job description of the position – the skills and experience that the role requires – in your resume is a great way to make sure you have a good chance of getting past applicant tracking systems. Just match the skills and experience you possess with the keywords. For example, if a job posting stresses “project management” and you can claim that skill, list it in your resume and provide a work history example or two where you displayed good project management.
  5. Use action verbs to avoid passivity – Phrases like “I was responsible for” do not tell recruiters anything about how you actually did the job. Instead, try to use action verbs like “achieved.”
  6. List relevant internships – Don’t be afraid to list your internships (especially if you were with a well-known company). You may also list volunteer work.
  7. Create a skills section – Mention all of your hard and soft skills and note any certifications, awards, or notable achievements.
  8. List your old job title properly – Your previous job titles act as keywords for ATS and hiring managers that scan your CV.
  9. Include social media URLs – If you have a LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to include it in your resume so hiring managers can get more insight on your qualifications and connections.
  10. Proofread – Nothing will ruin your hard work in creating a good CV like typos. Carelessness is a no-no for recruiters, so taking the time to proofread your CV is always a good idea.

Cape Town is an amazing town with professionals and executives wanting to succeed, and to help you get the best service keep this list of professional CV writers in Cape Town safe and book marked on your browser.

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