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ActionSA has announced their resignation from the Multi-Party Charter, saying certain parties in the MPC have betrayed South Africans. This comes as the party briefed the media in Randburg, Johannesburg.

The party says that members of the Multi-Party Charter discussing possible coalitions with the ANC are in clear violation of the pact.

“We are the first party to say, ‘Okay, some parties have decided to go and negotiate, and it is their right’. And I think if you look at it, it is their right. We cannot really stop them. But at the same time, for us as ActionSA, to remain in an agreement where some of our members of the multiparty are in breach of this agreement … so we want to formalise this,” says Herman Mashaba, ActionSA leader.

The party says that it cannot be part of the charter anymore. It says its current focus is the local government.

“We are very clear about the fact that the greatest issues facing South Africans right now are their broken streets; are their lack of water; their unreliable electricity and sewage that is flooding their communities. And ultimately, these are failures of local government,” says Michael Beaumont, National Chairperson.

The party says that although they are open to discussions around collaboration, they want to make a name for themselves as a stand-alone party.

Video: Media briefing on the outcomes of the ActionSA senate meeting

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