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The election manifesto launch of the African Independent Congress (AIC) in Germiston, Johannesburg, was marred by controversy after a group of supporters disrupted the speech of party president Mandla Galo. When Galo continued, he told those in attendance that his party will have solutions to fight crime and create job opportunities, amongst other things.

“The AIC will expand the safety net programmes such as the social grants and unemployment benefits to provide a basic level of income security to vulnerable populations. These programmes can help alleviate poverty and reduce inequality by ensuring that all citizens have access to essential services.”

He also said corrupt politicians and government officials will be prosecuted without fear or favour.

“The AIC will depolticise and strengthen the independence and effectiveness of the National Prosecuting Authority and other state anti corruption agencies to speedily and properly investigate and prosecute state officials and politicians involved in corruption and maladministration without fear, favour and prejudice.”

The party further says it will re-introduce the specialised unit of the NPA, the Scorpions that was disbanded in 2009.

Elections 2024 | AIC unveils its manifesto for May polls:

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