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The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) has voiced its deep concern and disappointment regarding the Limpopo Health Department’s recent decision to terminate the contracts of more than 700 nurses.

The union emphasises that this move will have a detrimental impact on healthcare facilities within the province, exacerbating the existing shortage of nursing staff. Provincial Chairperson of DENOSA Lesiba Monyaki expressed frustration with the reasons provided by the department for their actions.

According to Monyaki, the decision to terminate the contracts is attributed to two primary reasons, the first being expiring contracts and the second is the poverty cry by the department.

Monyaki says, “The first reason is that the contract has come to an end and the second is that South Africans are used to, in Limpopo, low funds and they are crying poverty.”

“They say we are used to these reasons and we don’t believe those because we are always told that they have budgetary constraints. It’s like an old scratched record,” adds Monyaki.

The termination of such a substantial number of nursing contracts raises serious concerns about the future of healthcare services in Limpopo. Nurses play a crucial role in providing quality care to patients, and a shortage of nursing staff can lead to compromised service delivery, longer waiting times, and increased strain on the remaining healthcare professionals.

DENOSA emphasises the need for a comprehensive and sustainable plan to address the staffing challenges faced by the Limpopo Health Department. The union has called on the department to prioritise the retention and recruitment of nursing professionals to ensure the provision of adequate healthcare services to the people of Limpopo.

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