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Some of the people who were not able to vote during the special vote on Monday and Tuesday say that they feel aggrieved because they have not been able to exercise their rights.

Several people in the Vhembe District of Limpopo who applied for home visits claim that IEC officials did not fulfil their mandate to visit their homes.

Limpopo had over 96 000 people who applied for home visits ahead of this year’s special vote. Vhembe District accounted for the majority of the applications.

The IEC in Limpopo says some people who applied for home visits were not available at their homes when its officials visited them.

“It didn’t sit well with me; I was expecting people to come so I can vote. I never saw anyone visiting. As a citizen it didn’t sit well with me, I was intending to vote,” laments an aggrieved citizen Joyce Rangolo.

“They came to register me for special voting. They said they will visit me so I can vote, but they never came during the special voting period. If people were getting me, that means I wouldn’t have got it, I would starve with my children,” says an aggrieved citizen Valery Mbulaheni.

“When we visit you and you are not there. We are unable to because our plan works in such a way that between this time and this time, we will be at this particular home. You can imagine if we have more than 90 000 homes to visit and we don’t find anybody at their home,” says Limpopo IEC Electoral Officer Nkaro Mateta.

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