How can you test the personality of your applicants?

Are you sometimes ‘wowed’ by CV’s that come in? I’m sure you do. Sometimes you just see that perfect CV that has everything you are looking for and maybe even more. Of course this is great, but don’t get overexcited by a fantastic CV. Because what you are trying to hire is a certain set of skills and not for example a ‘great education’ or a ‘previous company’.

So it may all look great on paper, but our tip is don’t forget to test the skills of a possible new hire. Also don’t throw away every CV that doesn’t tick all your boxes for a 100%. They might actually surprise you and have the skill set you are looking for.

82% of the bigger companies worldwide use a particular set of tools to test skills. A personality check is also very important. There are some fairly simple tests that will tell you more than just ‘education’ and ‘experience with this or that company’.

The test we use is called DISC. When you are in your recruitment process and you have 2 or 3 candidates left, we feel this might be a very good test to learn a bit more about your candidates. It might give you confirmation on the one candidate that was your favourite or might help you decide to choose one if you are in serious doubt. When we do this test, we always have a separate meeting to go through the results.

Would you like to know more about personality tests or the DISC test we use? Contact us on and we can schedule a meeting.

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