How to prevent candidates declining your offer

Warning: this is going to sound familiar to you.

You found your perfect candidate. It took so long to find this person. You spoke to dozens of people, searched half the globe, but you finally found him or her!

But then you make them an offer and they decline…

It turns out this candidate is actually twice as expensive as the maximum budget you had in mind.

Our experience tells us this happens quite a lot and I believe that sometimes it is difficult in Africa to determine what a benchmarked package should be.

It is a good idea to have a talk with your executive recruiter beforehand to see if the maximum package you have in mind is realistic. And if it’s not, maybe you can tweak the package a bit or drop one or two not so important requirements and source good and qualified candidates that might be a bit less expensive.

It always is a bit of a struggle and disappointments do sometimes happen, but you can reduce the chances of that happening by being well prepared and having a talk with your executive recruiter beforehand.

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