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The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is nearing the completion of vote capturing.

Currently, more than 96% of the national votes have been declared; the ANC remains in pole position with just over 40%; the DA is close to 22%; and the former President Jacob Zuma’s MK party is at just under 15% of the votes.

The MK Party has set a new record for the largest number of votes achieved in a general election by a new political party in South Africa.

The IEC says it will announce the final results on Sunday. Legally, it has until Wednesday to announce the results and seat allocations, seven days after the election.

Coalition talks have a maximum of 14 days to conclude because, according to parliamentary law, that’s the time within which the National Assembly must sit.

If the chief justice does not call a National Assembly sitting within two weeks, the President must then call a new election to take place within 90 days.

The first order of business at the National Assembly sitting is the swearing-in of the MP’s followed by the election of the Speaker, and then the Deputy Speaker.

The president is nominated and voted for, generally after lunch on day one.

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has comfortably scooped 75.3% of the international vote in South Africa’s general election.

This as 100%  of the international votes have been captured.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) garnered 4.4% of the vote and the ANC 3.92% of the vote.

58 802 of South Africans living abroad were registered to vote in this election. However, only 67% turned out to vote, in their respective countries. This translates to 39 116 votes of which 32 were spoilt ballots.

The highest number of votes came from South Africans living in the United Kingdom.

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