IEC replied to objections before results announcement: Sheburi – SABC News

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Electoral Commission (IEC) Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Masego Sheburi, says all those who had submitted objections to the commission would have received a response before the announcement of the results.

A number of political parties had called on the commission to delay the announcement of the results, which were eventually released on Sunday.

The commission had received 579 objections.

Sheburi says when the commission released the results there were no outstanding objections so there was no reason to delay the announcement.

He says, “Everyone who took the pen to raise an objection with the commission would’ve received a reason of what the commission did with their objection. Where they agreed with their objection, the commission would’ve told them the steps that they are going to be taking. Where the commission rejected those objections, the commission would’ve informed the person of the reasons for the rejection.”

VIDEO: IEC  received 579 objections:

Reporting by Diteboho Ntamane.

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