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EFF Gauteng Premier candidate Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has shared the party’s plans for creating jobs in the province if elected into government.

Ndlozi stated that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will implement a massive industrial policy aimed at creating permanent jobs through the protection of infant industries. He made these comments during an interview with SABC News this morning.

“High tariffs, subsidies, open real factories – revitalise mines, open new mines in limestone, in clay. Revitalise the gold mines and end the zama-zamas – but also open factories in the plastic sectors, open factories in the textile sector – factories, real jobs, permanent jobs,” Ndlozi says.

He emphasised the need for sustainable job creation, contrasting it with temporary job initiatives. “Not nas’ispani which is basically like those food parcels that are distributed during elections and after elections are nowhere to be found,” he noted.

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