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Speaking to many business owners, hiring managers and decision makers, one of the topics that always pops up is ‘lack of time’. And I recognize this myself as well. You are still very much involved in the business instead of focusing on the business. There is a big difference.

So why don’t you hire somebody to help you out? So, you have more time to zoom out. The business owners and decision makers I speak to are always very enthusiastic about this idea, but they also don’t have time for a thorough recruitment process. Searching, tapping into different networks, interviewing etc. etc. It’s a very time consuming process.

When you want to go forward, create more time and hire this key person for your organization’s growth, why don’t you contact a specialist, an executive recruiter? It will save you huge amounts of time, now and in the future. And a (good) executive recruiter will come up with the top candidates that are in the market, candidates you might have never reached.

Does this sound like you? Send me an email on and I’ll make sure to book a call.

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