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As the final election results are trickling in, political parties, are set to start intensifying and sealing coalition talks.

With the African National Congress (ANC) falling below the 50% mark in Gauteng, parties belonging to the Multi-Party Charter have reiterated that their main focus is to enter into a coalition with parties that share their core values and that will put the interests of people in Gauteng first.

Leading with the highest votes in Gauteng and nationally all eyes are on who the ANC, will form a partnership with within Gauteng.

The ANC says it’s confident that it will retain its leadership in the province. This is despite the Democratic Alliance (DA) being hot on the ANC’s heels, as the province’s votes continue to be counted.

With around 60% of the votes having already been counted in Gauteng, the ANC is currently leading in Gauteng with 35.53%, followed by the DA at 27.58% and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) third with 12.41% so far.




“We are hopeful and positive that we will get good results as the ANC in Gauteng, but we don’t have any objections, we accept the wishes of the people and we look forward to post-elections and working very hard for our people and we will continue working to solve the problems our people are facing on a daily basis,” explains the ANC’s Gauteng election manager, Lebogang Maile.

MK Party

The uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK) party in Gauteng says it’s confident that their votes will steadily increase as the counting process continues.

The MK Party, who is considered the new kids on the block, is currently sitting in fourth position in Gauteng, with almost 220 000 votes.

Spokesperson for the MK Party in Gauteng, Bafana Mahlabe elaborates, “We still believe that we are going to do more better than where we are at the moment because the numbers are still being tallied and we are gradually growing, we believe by the end of the consolidation of the votes we will be above the consolidation of the percentage we are at, at the moment.”

Video: 2024 Elections – ANC, MK, ActionSA in Gauteng react to the provincial results so far


The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) in Gauteng has raised concern that the MK party might eat into their strongholds. The province has captured 75.33 percent of results with 2 107 of 2 797 Voting Districts completed. The IFP has gathered 0.92 percent of the vote so far. IFP Gauteng Provincial Secretary, Alco Ngobese….

“We are concerned definitely with the trend that is taking place in Kzn as it has got implications here in Gauteng as well. So has a party we are concerned that might happen. But not a lot of damage has been done here in Gauteng. Only a few have crossed over but the majority of our members have remained and stayed with us. For now, we keep our cards open, we have not been approached by anyone as yet but we know we are part of the Multi-Party Charter, only time will tell.”

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