Protest outside NEC meetings due disinformation: Mbalula – SABC News

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African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General Fikile Mbalula has dismissed the protest outside their Special NEC meeting in Boksburg as misplaced and based on disinformation.

The top brass of the governing party is meeting to consider various options for forming a government after they failed to secure enough votes to constitute a government by themselves.

But a group of party members is protesting against what they suspect would be a possible ANC-Democratic Alliance coalition.

They say the DA has proven to be against the ANC by opposing a raft of bills the party has proposed including the NHI, the BELA Bill and even with its strong opposition to the BEE and Affirmative Action policies.

Mbalula says their protest is unfortunate.

“The protest is based on disinformation because the ANC has never said they are going into coalition with the DA. The question of the Strategic Framework is going to look into the outcome of the elections and the outcomes of the elections, as you all know that it doesn’t favour the ANC and in this instance, we have said we are talking to everyone, who in terms of the leader board, is clear that they have significant numbers. So, the protest is unfortunate and misplaced because this is time for sober minds,” says Mbalula.

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