Ramaphosa remains President until the National Assembly convenes – SABC News

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President Cyril Ramaphosa will remain President of South Africa until the next elected president has been inaugurated. His cabinet and national executive are also still functional until the next president has assumed office.

The election of a President by the National Assembly will only take place at the first sitting presided over by the Chief Justice.

In terms of Section 88 (1) of the Constitution, the President’s term of office begins on assuming office and ends upon a vacancy occurring or when the person next elected President assumes office.

This means, President Ramaphosa is still President until the next person elected by the Assembly takes over.

Similarly Section 94 of the Constitution, which refers to continuation of cabinet after elections sates: “When an election of the National Assembly is held, the Cabinet, the Deputy President, Ministers and any Deputy Ministers remain competent to function until the person elected President by the next Assembly, assumes office.”

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