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The United Democratic Movement (UDM) has written to the Electoral Commission to query its formula of allocating seats in the National Assembly.

This after the commission announced which parties will be represented in the seventh National Assembly following Wednesday’s general elections.

The UDM was allocated two seats.

However, the party’s Secretary-General Yongama Zigebe says that according to the number of votes the UDM has received, the party should have four seats.

“It should be four seats if they used the correct quota system, then what would have happened to the two seats of the UDM? But we said to ourselves instead of going out and fighting, let’s rather seek clarity so that they show us exactly how they calculated the seats and make us understand how they did it. However, if we find that there are issues within the calculations because we have mathematicians as well, we are going to request our seats back and it’s going to affect the entire seat allocation for all political parties.”

PODCAST | UDM queries National Assembly seat allocation formula:

VIDEO | Political Analyst Asanda Ngoasheng speaks on the allocation of seats in the National Assembly: 


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