What is recruitment fatigue? – JobnetAfrica

You are very busy with your everyday tasks, managing your team, dozens of emails etc. and in the back of your mind you realize you have to start recruiting for a replacement or an expansion of your team. Does this sound familiar?

It is always lingering, but never the first thing that needs to be done. So, you keep postponing and in the end that will almost always end in a ‘timeline problem’. And there it is, recruitment fatigue…

So, what I would suggest is that as soon as you know you need to hire, reach out to your preferred recruiter. The sooner you get your recruiter involved, the more time they have to fully grasp what you are looking for and to come up with the best profiles. It will save a lot of time and annoyance!

If you would like see if and how JobnetAfrica can help you find the best candidates for your position in Africa, send me an email on inez@jobnetafrica.com and I will be happy to meet.

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