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Where and how do you find the right recruiter for your business in Africa? A recruiter can for example be specialized in a sector, in a geographical area or even a particular role or level.

To find out which external recruiter or headhunter fits your needs, these are the 3 steps to go through.

  1. Check out the market, ask around. Who has been working with a recruiter on a similar position. References and word of mouth are definitely a good way to find a trusted partner.
  2. Recruiters often use Linkedin to find good candidates, but you can use this platform to find a good recruiter. How many people are following them, are they publishing relevant info etc.
  3. And of course there is always Google. See which recruiters are active in your sector, niche, geographical area etc. And maybe you can find some testimonials and reviews.

If you are curious to hear more about selecting the right recruiter, reach out to me on and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Ps. If it turns out JobnetAfrica is not the right partner to help you move forward, we will be honest about this and try to refer you or help you in another way.

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