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Say you have a shortlist of good candidates for a crucial position within your organization in Africa. Out of that shortlist you have one clear favourite. But then you decide to go back to your recruiter and ask if they can find a few more candidates ‘like this one’.

If you trust the executive recruiter you are working with, you need to trust that they have scraped to whole market, reached out to all the top professionals that could be interested in your position. So the shortlist they come up with consists of the best people in the market that are suitable for your particular role, for that particular package.

When you now go back and ask for a second shortlist, this one often turns out to be not as good as the first one, since the best candidates were already contacted. And meanwhile you ‘parked’ your favourite candidate for quite some time. He or she might have other offers or lose their trust in your organization.

So recruitment FOMO, whilst it is very understandable to always look for something, or in this case someone better, cheaper, quicker available etc., might bite you in the behind in the end.

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